Where will I train?

The SoCal Pilot Center Campus is conveniently located at the Thermal Airport, nearby Coachella.
This unique spot makes this the most favorable Flight Training location worldwide. With outstanding weather conditions all year around, cancellations are extremely rare.
Being in close proximity to the most prestigious destinations (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Catalina Island, Big Bear, Grand Canyon, etc.), all students are exposed to an unseen variety of flight experience.
In addition, SoCal PIlot Center also offers all training programs at her Campus in Europe (Antwerp).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An Airline Pilot is a pilot who works for a an Airline such as American Airlines, Delta... on payroll.
  • A Private Pilot is flying for personal reasons such as private transportation and is not allowed to obtain any sort of remuneration (or benefits) while flying. Private Pilots usually fly for leisure or personal business and are allowed to carry non-paying passengers.

Obviously the type of airplanes they fly will be different:

  • An Airline Pilot usually flies larger, more performant multi-crew airplanes (e.g. Boeing, Airbus etc.). 
  • A Private Pilot usually flies smaller private single-crew airplanes (e.g. Cessna, Piper, Diamond etc.).
  • The minimum age to become a pilot is 17. However, training can be started at a younger age and the first solo flight (only pilot on board) is allowed as from the age of 16.
  • The maximum age to become a pilot depends on the candidate's medical fitness which can be demonstrated through a Medical Check (Medical) by an Authorized Medical Aviation Doctor.

For more details on age restrictions or on how to obtain your FAA Medical Class 1, 2 or 3, schedule an (online) meeting with our Aviation Coach.

That is possible, it depends on the certificate you're looking for and the selected Training Program. SoCal Pilot Center is the only school worldwide offering ALL training programs under both the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) within the USA.
For all all FAA Airline Career Programs, check the following link.
For all FAA Private Pilot Programs, check the following link.
If you require more information on EASA Certification and Training Programs, please schedule an (online) meeting with our Aviation Coach or visit our European website: www.FlyEPC.com

If the applicant has proper vision with correction (Glasses, Contacts or even LASIK), it is indeed possible to obtain a Medical. However, this should always be assessed by an Authorized Aviation Medical Examiner (since the allowed tolerance is subject to certain restrictions).

For more information on how to obtain your FAA Class 1, 2 or 3 Medical, feel free to schedule an (online) meeting with our Aviation Coach.

Since one of the main languages in aviation is English, Airline Pilot and Private Pilot applicants should be English Language Proficient. All course material is provided in English and all radio communication is also in English. During your training there will be obviously room to familiarize with specific aviation terminology and Air Traffic Control Standard Phraseology. 

Your English Language Proficiency will be assessed during the intake.

Mathematics and Physics are covered during all training courses, but always in a more practical format.
  • For the Private Pilot level, general knowledge of Mathematisc and Physics is sufficient.
  • For the Airline Career Program, a higher level of Mathematics and Physics is required. SoCal Pilot Center has developed a free Mathematics and Physics Refresher Video Course, required to be performed by all Applicants, prior to taking the Screening.
Each Training Courses consists of Ground School and Practical Flight/Simulator Training.
  • For the Ground School: After having successfully passed the internal Mock Exams, the applicant is endorsed for the official FAA Written Tests at our in-house FAA Testing Facility.
  • Practical exams (also called check rides) take place with a Designated FAA Pilot Examiner (or EASA Examiner in case of a European exam). Exams will take place at SoCal Pilot Center, with our Airplanes or Simulators. 

Ground School consists of classroom sessions, taught on-campus (or online) or a combination of self-study online with on-campus classroom sessions (Distance Learning). All practical Training takes place at SoCal Pilot Center's premises (Airplanes and Simulators).

In aviation, everything is strictly regulated such as aircraft maintenance, instructor qualification, etc. 

As an Approved FAA Part 141 Training School and EASA ATO, SoCal Pilot Center is audited by the FAA and EASA authorities on a continuous basis. In addtion, SoCal Pilot Center has a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS), identical to what all major US and European Airlines are required to maintain. Safety is therefore an important part of Flight Training.

The cost of Flight Training in general strongly depends on the chosen Program, Training Goals (Private Pilot or Airline Career Program) and most importantly, the applicant's progress, dedication and motivation level. For a detailed cost overview and possible financing options, do not hesitate to schedule an (online) meeting with our Aviation Coach.