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"Aviation is like your first love... The sensation of flying can never be outdone. Be passionate and fly those wings! "
Kay Vereeken
CEO SoCal Pilot Center
CEO EuroPilot Center
EASA/FAA Airline Pilot/Flight Instructor
Board Member IPCA.aero


Every person has a different goal and achieves this goal in a different way. Aviation training should be no exception! Through our highly personalized training programs, we succesfully assist our customers in achieving their aviation goals in the most efficient and economic way possible. With over 10 years of aviation training experience, we deliver what we promise!

In Style.

Aviation is one of the most innovative industries in the world. SoCal Pilot Center provides you with the very latest training tools, glass-cockpit G1000 airplanes, online computer based training etc. We believe our customers only deserve the very best!

Cessna Pilot Center (CPC)

SoCal Pilot Center (and its EU Branch, EuroPilot Center) are proud to be part of the worldwide Cessna Pilot Center network. This recognized quality label guarantees the highest standards in Aviation Training.

It's a fact that Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) students earn their wings about 30 percent faster than the worldwide average. We’ll get our customers where they want to go, faster and safer than any other flight instruction program.

International Pilot Center Alliance (IPCA)

The International Pilot Center Alliance, provides a solid connection between SoCal Pilot Center, EuroPilot Center and several major Airlines, setting the best standards in Ab-Initio Flight Training on a worldwide scale, with the highest hiring rates.